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  Reference LP-1.0 Turntable
Given the billions of vinyl records in circulation, many containing magical performances that might never appear on any other medium, it makes sense to cherish them and exploit their potential. To enable our customers to enjoy their record collections fully we have developed the Ref.LP-1.0 turntable. We believe that product is unique in its design to maximise the potential of vinyl replay, bringing more positive characteristic musicality and emotional depth that the vinyl offers.
Features :
Mass-laoded on 3 point solid aluminum domes(copperand rubber option)
Plinth: One piece machined anodized aluminum.
Platter: Machined 39mm acrylic contoured to match record surface (indent for record label)
Bearing: Large diameter inverted fixed spindle with polished ceramic ball on teflon thrust plate.
Motor: Belgium manufactured precision hi torque DC motor.
Control: Power supply,speed concontrol (33+45rpm) with fine speed adjustment mounted off plinth in a separate chassis for complete decoupling of motor and bearing vibrations.
Drive: Mono filament, non clastic drive belt Tonearm: 3(maximux) for Rega, SME and custom tonearms.


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